Jan. 31st, 2012


Jan. 31st, 2012 12:03 am
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A friend of mine is trying to draw me into some work-related drama, and it's making me emotionally drained and also think a lot less of her. Otherwise, a pretty unremarkable day; did a lot of paperwork and spent a lot of time getting my sister to and from university (she doesn't drive). I managed to get two assignments that were due today scraped together, and wasted way too much time playing Hidden Chronicle on facebook and listening to Barry Adamson's new album.

Speaking of sisters, here's an odd story. Last week, my other sister had a day off from work and flowers were delivered for her boyfriend, who lives with her. She called him to ask if he knew what they were, and he had no idea, so he told her to open the card. The card simply read "HAPPY BIRTHDAY. LOVE" and then had his name and cell number, only one digit was wrong. He called the florist to ask about it, and they told him it was an order that had been placed online and then just sent to them as a local business to fulfill it, so they had no info. He called a guy whom he went to college with that has the same name, thinking that it might be for him, as that type of thing happens frequently, especially because their last name isn't that common, but it wasn't his birthday either (I should point out my sister's boyfriend's birthday is in Oct). So we wrote it off as a weird footnote until today...

When he found out someone had been using his credit card fraudulently, including charging him for the flowers randomly sent to him! I think that's a little crazy. I've had some fraudulent charges before, but the effort to go out of your way and do something just to screw with the other person that gets you no money seems kind of disturbing to me. They also apparently opened like five Netflix accounts. Bizarre!

And to end, I'm going to end with this youtube link because I sent it to [personal profile] rosehiptea yesterday and now I can't get the jingle from it out of my head.

Good day

Jan. 31st, 2012 10:50 pm
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Today was a pleasant little day. Got some stuff done at work, took PPJ to speech, and then spent a nice evening at a friend from work's house. I haven't seen her much because we don't work directly together this year, and I had been concerned because she recently separated from her husband. She is doing well though, and her kids did well with PPJ's weirdness, which include copious tears on arrival to a new location.

Once we finally got home I haven't accomplished anything except some chatting and listening to Spotify, but I guess an evening of leisure is OK every once in a while.


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