Jan. 25th, 2012

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So, I intended to watch the third episode of Alcatraz after my online class yesterday. However, my daughter really wanted to use the laptop, which left me with the ipad. I was planning to watch hulu, but unless you have a paid account, it doesn't work on the ipad. So, I ended up watching Dr Who.

Anyway, I basically watched the first two episodes from Matt Smith's new doctor on a whim the other night. From the search on the Netflix app, I didn't see anything that I thought was the special where David Tennant signed off... anyway, I loved Dr Who but got burnt out. Since my sister was mostly the person who would get the episodes and then we would watch them, and she didn't want a new Doctor, I'd just never picked it back up. So, after seeing two episodes of Matt Smith, I was feeling good about it again. And I decided to sleuth and see if the special was indeed on Netflix. Which it was, and I watched it, and I'm glad I did it out of order because that thing was such a jumbled emo mess of hot whatever that I would have probably never watched the next series after it. What the hell, did Tennant forget he was playing Who and thought he was still Hamlet?

If I'm just watching stuff from 2009/2010, maybe other people are too so I'll cut this. Also it's a total rant that borders on stream of consciousness. )

I thought I'd get to Alcatraz tonight, but after dinner, online class, a phone call, and three items of homework for my daughter, I'm exhausted and my back hurts again. I had been good about icing it some, but since I felt relatively well today I didn't do it so now it hurts again and I hobbling around. Well, currently I am laying in bed with a bag of brussell sprouts from the freezer that have been there so long nobody will eat them on my back. Going to give up and go to bed!


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