Jan. 23rd, 2012

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Spent almost three hours at the dentist this morning getting a temporary crown. It didn't really hurt, but my jaw isn't happy about having my mouth open so much. That kind of threw my whole day off, since I hate changes in routine and also drank no coffee.

Almost everyone I work with is getting on my nerves, which leads me to believe that I must have a poor attitude or something, since the chances of that seem higher than the chances that everyone else became an ass at the same time. Also, I had a fifth grader tell me today that I'm pretty emo. Ouch.

I started watching Series Six of Doctor Who yesterday. I like it, but for some reason I find new Who depressing (maybe that's why I'm emo?). I don't think I've ever like, teared up over the Third Doctor. I think, to a certain extent, it's not really entirely me, because emo drama is kind of how New Who rolls, but I don't want to be sad thinking about a show. That defeats the purpose of leisure time to me.

Otherwise, nothing much of interest has happened lately. Well, that's a lie; I've been having back problems that suck, but appear to be resolving. The other thing is that I got my advance download of Barry Adamson's new album, I Will Set You Free. So far I like it. It feels kind of 90's to me in a weird way that I can't explain. I don't think I will love it as a whole album-entity the way I love Back to the Cat, although my favorite single Adamson songs are not on that album.

And I can guarantee that nobody will really care, because I have never met in 16 years anyone who like Barry Adamson. (sad face)


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