Feb. 15th, 2012

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I took a personal day today to try to relax and I was mildly successful. I went out and had coffee, ate sushi, and read a romance novel. I really can't shake the kind of bad mood I've been in lately though. I want to be able to tell myself to get over it and have it work, but it just doesn't. I am used to being really hardcore and just not letting things bother me, so it's even more annoying than just being in a crap frame of mind because I have the idea that I shouldn't ever be in one anyway. Which probably isn't emotionally healthy, but that's not anything I've ever claimed to be.

Yesterday I did finish a bunch of assignments so I am caught up in one class and ahead in the other. I also got some computer speakers for my laptop, so now I can listen to music without headphones (My laptop is so cheap that music sounds like it's coming out of a tincan through a time machine if you use the speakers.) I haven been enjoying making Spotify playlists for some of my old friends; I used to spend all my time and money in high school making people mixed tapes. Nostalgia!

There was something else I was going to mention, but whatever it is I am majorly spacing it and have been staring at the screen for quite awhile trying to think of it... giving up now. I will probably lay down and remember it as I fall asleep.


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