Jan. 20th, 2012

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So, I took my daughter to a new doctor today for her 7 year old physical. She, having autism, is not a fan of the medical field in general. She's had the same pediatricians her whole life because she is never sick and I was lazy... so even though they sucked I never changed.

However, she had strep at Christmas so I had to take her in. I even took my sister with me to give me a reality check on how bad the office really was. I realize that my (currently unmedicated and pretty OK) anxiety sometimes causes stupid stuff, like maintenence men, doctors of any kind, and phone calls to seem a lot worse than they were. However, she said they sucked too.

Anyway, this new doctor was fantastic. He was recommended by the parent of a former student. He knew things to do to put PPJ at ease, he was personable, interested in her, and just very nice. So at least something good happened this week. He does want her to have a vision assessment because one of her eyes appears to not be tracking in sync with the other... I don't know what she'd think about glasses, if those are necessary.

So, work was a disaster, just because of non-police drama. I don't know why I want to be an administrator sometimes. However, now I have a whole evening to myself because PPJ is at Grandma's, my sister is sick and asleep and my husband is at work. What to do? I can't decide if I want to play video games or watch tv.

But before I go, I think this article is true:


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