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How come nobody told me that John McCain is actually married to Narcissa Malfoy?

In other news... hmm, not sure where to start. The past few months have been really busy with real life stuff: job, therapy for my kid, some small bit of traveling that kid makes infinitely more complex. Anyway, that means that I haven't really updated here in any coherent manner. I have gotten a good amount of writing finished recently, but it's all exchange-related to it shall remain secret for now. I'm hoping that I will keep on working on some things that don't have a deadline, but I feel rather burnt out so I'm not sure that I will.

Also, I did a stupid thing awhile back and let my sister give me her old Sims 2 game. Fast-forward a couple months and two expansion packs later, and a great deal of my free time is now spent with my sprawling family of Lichensteins in the neighborhood of Pleasantville. I started out with Auraelia, Edgar, and Elizabetta, who are siblings, and two kids: Edgar's son Ray and Auraelia's daughter Betty. Now Edgar's married to the maid, Auraelia's a lesbian vampire, and Ray and Betty have graduated from college and Ray just got married. Elizabetta had been living with Edgar and his wife to help with their three kids (twins Eugenie and Zelda and their little brother, Simon) but she moved out last night to start her own life.

The problem is that I love having all these babies and kids, but there's no way to keep playing all these characters. Also, I have a free will hack installed so that the Sims with the "family" aspiration that are married are always running off and sleeping with each other to try to get knocked up (Edgar, I'm thinking of you here, sir). I have another hack that I can delete the pregnancy, but that seems creepy. You can also give the kid up for adoption, but that seems pretty sketchy as well.

I think the bottom line is that I'm too attached to these little characters on a screen and I'm thinking about it too much.

My last note for today is that my child now constantly makes me draw the characters from Spongebob Squarepants. There's something about Spongebob's nose that I cannot quite master. However, my Mr Krabs is so good it looks like it came from Nickelodeon Studios. I guess when I finally go over the edge and run off, I could maybe try to get a job there.
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Wow, this went really well.

I'm not sure what I think about it all, and obviously whatsherface is a huge bitch for starting it. However, I can't help but think of some of the mountains I've seen fandom make out of molehills and wonder how easily some people could justify say, calling my employer, a public school system, and complaining next time I start flipping my big fin on the wrong side of a wank?

I mean, it's "so obvious" this time, but what about next time? What if I am a huge asshole and call someone a fatty-fatty-two-by-four, complete with pictures? Maybe reveal my secret white supremacist agenda? Say that I don't think slash is feminist and the OTW makes me barf? I know, I'm being facetious, and it's not that I believe that anyone will be targeting me per se, because in actuality there are few people who even read this blog. I suppose I'm just rather sensitive about the concept because if it happened I really would end up sleeping on the street in a cardboard box.

And my kid that is currently screaming at ear splitting volume probably won't adjust to homelessness real well. People with autism hate change and all. Better go try to smooth over whatever crisis is occurring... spilled crackers, a block tower that fell down, a DVD episode that she doesn't like. I mean, this is life and death stuff.


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