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if someone consistently got sick each time they were supposed to go somewhere that wasn't, say, a typical errand like the grocery store? Like when they were to go out to eat, or travel away from home at least one night. Illnesses vary: headaches/migraines, allergies, kidney infection. I think it's rather suspicious myself.

My computer chair is a thing of horror. It's some weird, ancient folding chair that we found in the hallway of our last apartment. I think that it's killing me because it's the complete opposite of ergonomic. I've been working on a story for the last several hours, and my left hand is going numb and I have a pain in my right hip.

My hand goes numb like that sometimes when I drive for long distances too though. Maybe next time I'm supposed to do so, I should conveniently become ill and avoid the problem?
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This makes me want to wait until the absolute last second to email my story, which I was planning on sending tonight.

I've never done an exchange in which the mods just assumed that if you didn't send your story early that you were not going to send it at all. I would have been happy to, I don't know, notify them of my progress if I'd realized it was that important to them, but being randomly chastised doesn't sit well with me.

I'm also loling because the mods were about five days late in sending out the assignments. Ha, ha, ha.


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