Mar. 4th, 2012

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So, after agonizing over that midterm and feeling that after two classes in ed leadership, I still don't understand what the professional standards mean by "Vision".... I got 100%. My husband was like, 'Aren't you happy?' In fact, I kind of wasn't (over it now). I feel like it was a big joke. That's how I felt about K-12 and my undergrad work, but my first M.S. was better. More practical and applicable. Oh well. I guess I have a gift for bullshit, which, my friend pointed out, is good for an administrator anyway.

Anyway, I caught up on some work last week but have some things coming due this week. Still annoyed by everyone I work with. My back has been really bothering me again. I called my chiropractor and asked if they'd work me in (they always do, even if you just show up at the office unannounced) and when she asked me how I was, I kind of had a hissy fit. I started going to her because I hurt my back, and it was really bad. Like, crawling on hands and knees because I couldn't walk bad. Then it was great, and I never had any trouble. But ever since I was pregnant last summer and then had the miscarriage, it's always hurting. Now, I don't have any idea of what that should be but I am TIRED OF IT. Which is basically what I stomped my feet and told her and she was very nice. I went several times last week and she says if we are more aggressive we should be able to get it under control. I hope to god that's true. I am worried that something bizarre and female-related is actually wrong with me, which isn't usually something I do.

I had a nice weekend. My husband's friend and I hatched a secret plan related to his birthday gift. PPJ spent the night at Grandma's and we had dinner when we picked her up. I was a bad person and bought a new town for TS3 so I played that some. Related to spending money, I got a (somewhat cheesy) but so far very good book about people who spend too much money and get into too much debt. PPJ and I just spent a lot of quality time doing Highlights Puzzle Books and listening to her classical playlist on Spotify. She actually fell asleep next to me, so I should probably try to go to sleep too.

We may be getting snow tonight, and even though it's only delaying the inevitable, I am crossing my fingers for another day off tomorrow. I have been called in to a school to do a consult this week and it's a political minefield and I don't want to deal with it. Okay, I am yawning so big my eyes are watering so I am signing off...


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