Feb. 12th, 2012

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A friend of mine on facebook posted a link to a news article, because he was incensed at its stupidity. One of his friends used the word "retarded" in his comment on it. I always tell people who use that word to choose another. People don't usually mean to be malicious in using it, but it's an extremely hurtful word, and despite any argument I've heard, I don't think there's any valid reason to continue to use it once this has been pointed out, unless you're just an asshole.

However, when I asked this person to choose another word, he WENT OFF. Just totally typical, stupid, internet crap where his thoughts weren't even really sensible in any way, just accusations about me personally, PC speech censoring him, whatever. I responded in a thoughtful, reasoned way several times, but when he ended his last comment with "That shit [my earlier comment] is just retarded." I had to unfollow the post.

I know it's stupid, but I'm really angry. I'm angry because one, I let some douchebag on the internet hurt my feelings and get me riled up. That's bad enough. But what I am also angry at is that there's tons of other assholes like him; they probably outnumber people like me who give a shit quite badly. He's so puffed up with his specious arguments about appeals to authority that he doesn't care that there are real people out there with disabilities, people being devalued, dehumanized, people never realizing their potential because they are, after all, just "retards". You know, like my kid? The one with the significant developmental disability?

Well, fuck him. This is what I unfollowed with, and I really meant it: I can only sincerely hope that what goes around comes around, and the world affords him the same compassion and kindness that he give to others. Which is a really nice way of saying I hope the universe fucks him up the ass with no lube. A lot. Hey, I'm no angel.


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