Feb. 11th, 2012

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It's really cold here, and the low tonight is supposed to be 13 degrees, windchill even worse. Glad I don't have to go anywhere tonight. I did run out to the grocery store a little while ago and that was bad enough.

Other than that, running to the library, and changing my bed spread because I'm 95% sure my cat peed on it, I have just been hanging out in the bed with PPJ all day. What have I been doing? I signed up for the free month of Spotify earlier this week so I have been listening to lots of music that I've been too lazy/poor to add to my collection. I think I may have trouble cancelling at the end of the membership. I tried to play a hidden object game I started awhile ago, but it's not really that great, so now I'm feeling stuck because starting a new game without finishing it would make me feel anxious, but I don't actually want to play it. I watched the most recent episode of Hoarders online. I also read this frightening article about how people have parasites in their brains.

Anyway, now I can't decide what's next on my list. Definitely not housework or homework, I refuse to do any of that today. I think I need to eat something else because I have a headache. Too much coffee? Too little? Who knows. I might watch this week's Alcatraz. I also have a bunch of other crap on my hulu queue. Speaking of which, I have some House on there and was sad to hear that this will be the last season. I though that it was actually picking back up and I was enjoying it again. Oh well.

My sister bathed PPJ and now she is running circuits around the king size bed in her fresh PJ's. It's cute but also really annoying. Which kind of applies to her in a global sense too.


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